Our Story

Welcome to Greenbar, a fast-casual concept committed to delivering healthy, fresh, and whole foods to the communities who need it most. Greenbar was born in 2020 during the COVID-19 global pandemic, when our founders - an awesome brother and sister duo - grew frustrated with the lack of healthy food options available for takeout and delivery. We want to ensure that clean food is always affordable and accessible, to our community and beyond!

Yes, we know that sometimes eating healthy can be intimidating, and even expensive. But, that's not the case with Greenbar. Our menu, which includes ingredients sourced from local farms and reputable local vendors, is easy to understand and includes something for all dietary preferences. Our price point is competitive with most fast food and casual chains, making our healthy option an easy choice to integrate into our communities' daily or weekly routine.


We are empowering our guests to put their health and tastebuds First.

Since total wellness typically starts with the food we eat, Greenbar is committed to offering the very best farm-to-table cuisine around. Your socio-economic status or where you live shouldn't dictate access to real and healthy food options. Our bodies deserve the best, and Greenbar is here to make sure that happens!

Greenbar is here to inspire
people through the power of
fresh food.

Join our team and let’s achieve to bring fresh, nutritious, and crave-worthy meals to communities that lack accessibility.